Here is some advice from me.


1. Why don’t we think about the future together?

People with dementia are able to have a sense of wellbeing thanks to the medicines available to delay progress of the condition and support services to enable them to continue normal life. Even if you find out you’ve got dementia, that doesn’t mean you become unable to do everything right away. You may be upset and cry, but at the same time, you can think about living with dementia. There is ongoing research into dementia medication and treatment.

2. Speak up about what you feel

There are people who’ve also got this condition and feel upset and hurt. People feel better when they talk with others in the same situation, because then you can feel you are not alone and you have hope. Speaking to others about your feelings and experiences should make you feel much better.

3. Find places where you can go to feel content, and have something to live for

Have the courage to go out and find places where you can talk and do exercises with others. You’ll be able to make friends with people who won’t judge you even if you forget or fail to do something.

4. Start preparing for the future

Get someone to help you to think about your future. Talk about what you need to do to prepare for living with dementia.

5. You can rely on others

You may face a lot of challenges living with dementia, but don’t try to solve them all by yourself. Take advantage of the connections you have built up with others and ask for their help. Don’t hesitate. They will be happy to help you.

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