The Japan Dementia International Exchange Platform is looking for people from Japan and overseas who can post dementia-related information, experiences, thoughts, and initiatives.
Would you like to send us information about dementia on a platform that brings together people living with dementia and related parties from all over the world?
Let’s work together to help people living with dementia, their families, and their carers to have fuller lives and peace of mind.

《 Post content examples 》

  • Introductions to dementia-related efforts by local residents, governments,
    medical institutions, and educational institutions, etc.
  • Information useful for dementia care
  • Posts that summarizes day-to-day care
  • Columns about healthcare and medical science
  • Information about social welfare
  • Thoughts of person with dementia

The posted content will be translated into English (or Japanese) and published on the website.
It can be a “one-off article” or a “series of articles”.

Qualifications for posting

  • Your position or occupation is not important. Anyone can post articles.
  • We will provide you with a separate manual on how to register as a user and post articles.
    How to post
    • For the first time only, please apply for register as poster (poster account registration) via the “registration form”.
    • You will be able to post articles after approval by the editorial committee (members).
    • Draft and post an article according to the posting guidelines.
    • Your article will be published after it has been checked by the editorial committee (members).
  • Basic computer skills and knowledge of the Internet may be required. We will provide support, but basically, please post articles using your own personal computer.

Content that may not be posted / published

  • The following will not be published (made public).
    • Posts that are not related to dementia
    • Posts that slander others, infringe human rights, or violate public order and morals
    • Posts containing false or misleading information
    • Posts for the purpose of profit such as advertising and promotion
    • Posts that infringe the copyrights of others
    • Posts that are detrimental to others
    • Posts for the purpose of election campaigns, political activities or religious activities
    • Posts concerning personal privacy
    • Acts that violate or may violate laws and regulations
    • Acts that hinder the smooth operation of this platform
    • Other posts that the administrator (editorial committee, etc.) deems inappropriate
  • Posts will be published after the contents have been checked by the editorial committee.
  • Depending on the contents, you may receive a “correction request”.
  • The editorial committee may proofread, edit, and annotate your posts. Specifically, as follows.
    • Correcting obvious typographical errors
    • Splitting up long passages
    • Clarification of subject and predicate
    • Adding subheadings
    • Attaching reference links
    • Adding diagrams and images
    • Other edits necessary to convey the intention of the poster to readers
  • The editorial committee will perform “normal translation” and “machine translation” of posts. You can also post articles translated by yourself.

Article copyright

  • The copyright for posted articles and posted photos belongs to the poster.
  • You can freely delete, correct, publish or unpublish your own articles.
  • However, the website has secondary copyright for the text of translated versions of articles, so please contact us regarding the handling of translated articles.

Article publication period

Published documents and data

  • Due to the nature of the Internet, posted documents, data, and other articles may be used by third parties without permission. This website is not responsible for any damage caused.

Contents of documents and data

  • Posters are responsible for the articles they post, and the articles should be written in a way that makes it clear that the contents, claims, opinions, etc., are based on the poster’s own research, experience, beliefs, etc. If you use sources, please indicate them, by including links and book titles, etc.
  • When translating articles, we may adopt free, non-literal translation, and expressions and structure may differ from those of the original text. Any important details should be translated or annotated by you.
  • The articles you post will remain published on the website even after you terminate your membership as a poster, unless you request otherwise. If you no longer want your posts to be published, you will need to delete them prior to terminating your membership.