About the Alzheimer’s Association Japan

What Alzheimer’s Association Japan?

The Alzheimer’s Association Japan (“AAJ”) is a national organization formed in Kyoto in 1980, formed by families and supporters who care for people living with dementia. There are branches in all prefectures, and more than 11,000 family members, people living with dementia, and professionals are members, and we carry out activities centered on “gatherings,” “newsletters,” and “telephone consultations.”
In addition, as the only organization in Japan that is a member of Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI, Headquarters: London), “AAJ” is actively engaged in international activities.

Activities of “AAJ”

We hold “gatherings” nationwide for people to share and discuss their concerns.
By participating in the gatherings, you can know that “you are not alone, you have allies”. We hold gatherings not only with family members who are currently caring for a person living with dementia, but also the people living with dementia themselves, male caregivers, family members of people living with juvenile dementia, and people who once cared for a person who lived with dementia.
Caregivers and people living with dementia can interact with one another, and they are held more than 4,000 times a year nationwide and 50,000 people take part.
We send out a monthly newsletter “POLE-POLE” to all members.
With the motto “Connecting people living with dementia, their families and society and giving them courage”, various information is posted, such as information on long-term care, as well as long-term care experiences, messages from people living with dementia, information from around the world, medical knowledge and introduction of systems.
Telephone consultations
Telephone consultations are also accepted at the headquarters and branch offices in all prefectures.
Trained long-term carers and specialist counselors listen to people’s various concerns, sympathize with them, and offer advice. We are working in various places, such as with events sponsored by the “AAJ” and events commissioned by local governments. We hold counselor training sessions twice a year, and counselors from all over the country gather to improve their response capabilities.