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When my wife and I were faced with the issue of dementia, we were supported by the Alzheimer’s Association Japan.

Not only family members but people with dementia can talk with others in the same situation, which has made my wife more cheerful now than when she was first diagnosed with dementia.

People we see at the Association’s gatherings know what we are going through and can empathise. They are irreplaceable treasures to us.
The Association has been active for 40 years since its foundation in 1980. Since those early days when they didn’t have any social understanding and support, they have become a group that members support and work with to achieve a society where people with dementia can live in peace. The Association is active all over Japan.

There are branch offices of the Alzheimer’s Association Japan in all 47 prefectures in Japan. Their 11,000 members include people with dementia, family members, and professionals.

Contents of the Activities

“Tsudoi” (Gatherings)
Sharing with Others

People with dementia and caregivers can talk to each other. There are separate gatherings for people with younger onset dementia, male caregivers, and people who have experienced their family members’ death. Professionals such as medical doctors and care workers join to discuss various issues together.

Monthly Newsletter “Pole-Pole”
Be informed and Learn

You can receive the monthly newsletter, which is packed with information related to dementia from head office and branch offices. Contents include voices from people with dementia and their family members, current regulations and changes in nursing-care insurance as well as medical and nursing care information.

Telephone Consultation (Japanese only)
Asking Questions/Getting Advice

When you feel troubled or just want to talk with somebody, call us. We cooperate with the local governments’ “Call Centers for Issues of Dementia”.

• 0120-294-456 (toll free/10:00-15:00 every day except Saturday, Sunday, and holidays)
• Cell Phone: 050-5358-6578 (for a fee)

Apart from these 3 activities, the Association’s activities include: advocating for measures and policies to benefit people with dementia, networking with related international organizations, and carrying out research in order to promote and deepen public understanding.

Voices of members
Importance of Establishing Connections with Others

I appreciate the members of the Alzheimer’s Association Japan

Ms. A in Okayama Prefecture (Caregiver)

I was experiencing a lot of difficulties, but I could see and learn from the members at the gatherings. Sometimes, I was in tears talking about my problems, and I cannot forget the words spoken by the members: “Don’t struggle with problems on your own. Come to the gatherings again and talk to us.” I truly appreciate finding this Association.

I found people who are struggling with the same issues

Mr. B in Kyoto Prefecture (Person with dementia)

Since joining the Association, I have been able to get a lot of information. It has been easier to talk to people experiencing the same issues who are not professionals. I have made some friends of my own age. If you are isolated, you cannot find a way to get information. If I find people who are isolated, I would certainly recommend they contact the Association.

I can continue giving care thanks to the newsletter

Mr. C in Saitama Prefecture (Caregiver)

I read every issue of Pole-Pole. Because I have a hearing difficulty, the newsletter is the way to give me a break and give me new knowledge. I look forward to reading the new issue every month.

You are not alone
Why don’t you join the Alzheimer’s Association Japan?

Information on joining the Association
We will send you a free pamphlet that introduces what we do and how you can join the Association. Please contact the Alzheimer’s Association Japan.

To join the Association (membership: 5,000Yen/year)
(1) Please fill out the membership application form in the pamphlet. If it is possible, apply online using the “Application Form to Join the Association” on our website (QR Code on the right). You can also apply by completing the Payment Handling Slip at a post office. (Please write your name, address, and telephone number on the slip).
(2) At the same time, please send the membership fee (5,000Yen/year) from a post office. You can also send the money from an ATM at a convenience store or a bank. For more information, please see our website.

Send your membership fee to:

Account Number: 01050-3-47146
Account Holder: Kazoku-no-Kai
Amount: 5,000 yen (Annual membership fee)
Reference: New membership for the fiscal year 〇〇〇〇.

* Please use the payment slip provided at the post office.
* Annual fee is subject to the financial year in which you make the payment (from April 1 to March 31 of the following year)

Please note the membership application is processed only in the Japanese language.

Public Interest Incorporated Association
Alzheimer’s Association Japan (Ninchisho-no Hito to Kazoku-no Kai
(Moved in January 2020)
Representative Director: Morio Suzuki
Address: 2F 811-3 Seimei-cho, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto City, Japan
TEL: +81-50-5358-6580 FAX: +81-75-205-5104
Website: www.alzheimer.or.jp

Telephone Consultation (Japanese only)
0120-294-456 (10:00-15:00 every day except Saturday, Sunday, and holiday)
Cell Phone: 050-5358-6578 (for a fee)

This pamphlet is issued and distributed with the 2019 Welfare Subsidy for Handicapped by the public interest incorporated Yamato Welfare Foundation.

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